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Alpine Lodge Edelweissgarden La Tzoumaz

The Edelweissgarden Alpine Lodge concept is one of the programmes in Riddes La Tzoumaz designed to focus on running rather than simply building tourist accommodation. While the Lex Weber has clearly influenced our thinking, we began building tourist accommodation in 2009 and operating our chalets in the short-term rentals market.

Edelweissgarden “Alpine Lodge” chalets will all be designed based on a set of shared characteristics:

  • A polymorphic architectural concept to adapt the layout of the accommodation based on demand, changing in line with the seasons or patterns of behaviour.

  • Large chalets with two adjoining 200 m2 properties, each with five bedrooms to offer a range of flexible accommodation options, with one or two living rooms and between one and ten bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

  • Shared facilities including a reception desk, well-being area and training / seminar / wine-tasting room.

  • Three pre-defined styles including a catalogue of finishing, furnishing and decorative options.

  • An "Alpine Lodge" operating company belonging to the chalet owners..


Depending on requirements, guests can be offered:

  • A large, 120 m2 living room, ideal for large groups

  • Two 60 m2 living rooms

  • Bedrooms only, with no living room

Each bedroom is accessible without going through the living room

Possible layout options:

  • Two 60 m2 living rooms with any combination of bedrooms (5/5, 4/6, 3/7, etc.)

  • A 120 m2 living room with 10 bedrooms

  • 10 guest bedrooms with no living room

An Edelweissgarden hamlet consists of 60 to 100 beds combining:

  • At least three “Alpine Lodge” chalets, 15 bedrooms and 30 beds

  • A minimum level of shared facilities to offer services outside of holiday periods

  • At least four existing chalets, 12 bedrooms and 30 beds, by converting second homes to occupied beds

  • At least one chalet used as a primary residence

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