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The company Edelweissgarden SA

Company activities 

  • Construction, promotion and sale of accredited chalets and tourist facilities combined in a hamlet

  • Operation of the hamlet of Edelweissgarden La Tzoumaz (short lets)

  • Advice and construction of tourist hamlets and holiday villages

  • Conversion of former second homes in a tourist hamlet to produce occupied beds through our revitalisation programme (renovation, decoration and furnishing)


Our key values are a warm welcome, charm, well-being and serenity in the spirit of the mountains.


An Edelweissgarden hamlet consists of 60 to 100 beds, combining:

  • At least three “Alpine Lodge” chalets, 15 bedrooms and 30 beds

  • A minimum level of shared facilities to offer services outside of holiday periods

  • At least four existing chalets, 12 bedrooms and 30 beds, by converting second homes to occupied beds

  • At least one chalet used as a primary residence


An Edelweissgarden village consists of three parts: 

  • An area of adjoining chalets and tourist facilities for leisure, vacation, training, events, coaching and seminar purposes.

  • An area of lodges, medical facilities and a spa for care and fitness purposes.

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