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Managing Tourist Accomodation

  • The company "Alpine Lodge Edelweissgarden La Tzoumaz SA"  is dedicated to managing "Alpine Lodge"​ tourist accommodation


  • Total transparency and fairness between properties

  • All income is shared between owners, after deduction of direct operating costs.

  • The company owns:

    • Shared facilities

    • Furniture in the shared facilities

    • Furniture in three properties

  • The company pays all fixed and variable operating costs (for rental periods), except for mortgage payments and property charges.

  • The company does not employ any staff. All services on site are subcontracted:

    • Catering

    • Cleaning

    • Laundry

    • Reception

    • Maintenance

    • Event organisation

    • Administration and IT

    • Promotion of the hamlet

    • Sale of short lets

  • Each owner has a vote on the board

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